Espresso Based


Single £1.50 / Double £1.85 Espresso

Is its own drink but it forms the base of all our espresso drinks and crafted our own set way. Using 7 grams of espresso per shot and by forcing 85 degrees of hot pressurised water at 9 bar for 19 seconds, this will leave you with our perfectly rich espresso. It will create 1 fluid ounce of the finest espresso with a golden cream that has a sweet but sharp taste.


£1.50 / £1.85 Machiatto

Means “marked with” foam and therefore we pour one of our finest single or double espressos and add a small amount of wet foam from freshly steamed milk to give it that slight dilution with milk and the identification from being an espresso.


£1.50 / £1.85 Con Panna

This means “Espresso with Cream” and is a rarer drink, but for those who like an espresso but a little sweeter. We add a tiny bit of our whipped cream to the top of the espresso to give it that sweeter flavour.


£1.50 / £1.85 Ristretto

A much purer shot than espressos but instead of being poured for our normal 19 seconds, we reduce the time by half and stop the flow after 10 seconds. This means we only extract the purest parts of the espresso.


£2.20 Flat White

A relatively new drink to the UK and only made by Gourmet Coffee, in an 8 ounce cup using whole milk. The milk is steamed in such a way that it is layered with a shiny and silky texture. The milk is added to the espresso and finished with a bit of decorative coffee art in the form of a Rosetta.


£1.90 / £2.10 / £2.25 Americano

Originated by the Americans where they found espresso to be too strong, what they did was add water to the drink to create a black Americano and then add a bit of milk and it soon becomes a white Americano.


£2.15 / £2.50 / £2.75 Cappuccino

A lovely frothy drink where we add 2/3s of steamed milk to an espressos base and then fill the cup up with the frothy steamed milk. This is normally sprinkled with chocolate dust or you can have it as it is.


£2.15 / £2.50 / £2.75 Latte

Is the favourite drink in town and these are the most popular drinks to be served with vanilla, caramel or hazelnut syrups. A latte is an espresso based drink but is filled up to the top with freshly steamed milk, and a signature halo is finished on top.


£2.55 / £2.90 / £3.20 Mocha

We use our own signature hot chocolate mixture and add in the espresso. This is topped with hot milk and can be served with whipped cream and marshmallows.


Want it a little different? Why not ask and we will make it your own. Decaffeinated – We use a method called the Swiss Water process which is done by soaking the beans in cold water, then hot water and then cold water again to remove the caffeine. This is the most expensive method, but the best system, as it preserves the flavour. The end result being a very high grade decaf, specially chosen to have a full bodied, sweet and sharp flavour. Extra / less shots - If you want the drink a little stronger or weaker just ask. Wet - this mainly refers to the lattes or milky drinks where we will not add a halo or in fact any foam at all. Dry - a dry drink would be made of just foam instead of milk so this would effectively be a cappuccino type drink.



£1.55 / £1.75 / £1.95 English Breakfast

An invigorating amber coloured tea with a full bodied taste.


£1.55 / £1.75 / £1.95 Earl Grey

Tea with the fragrant flavour of bergamot and lemon. This was previously only brewed for the Earl Grey and his family making it the only tea with his personal stamp of approval.


£1.55 / £1.75 / £1.95 Assam

A rich deep amber tea, ideal with “elevenses” and throughout the day. Assam makes a good alternative to coffee after a meal.


£1.55 / £1.75 / £1.95 Darjeeling

A pale tea with a character likened to the muscatel grape. This tea is special because the growing conditions at high altitude give it a delicate and fresh taste and shimmering gold colour.


£1.55 / £1.75 / £1.95 Peppermint

A refreshing infusion with a clean, fresh taste. The cool aroma of mint is not only refreshing, but the peppermint leaves have traditionally been used to soothe the stomach and aid digestion. The peppermint leaves, with their naturally high essential oil content give this infusion its really refreshing taste. It is naturally caffeine free and has no added sugar so you can drink it at any time of the day.


£1.55 / £1.75 / £1.95 Lemon & Ginger

A warming infusion where the spiciness of ginger is balanced with the cleansing, zesty taste of lemon.


£1.55 / £1.75 / £1.95 Green Tea

Using the bud and top two leaves which is the best part of the plant, the green tea has been made in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. The leaves are blended with the finest flushes from Asian origins for a fresher punchier taste.


£1.55 / £1.75 / £1.95 Pure Camomile

Made from the camomile pollen heads, this gives the unique subtle taste with delicate floral hints and a beautiful sunny golden colour.


£1.55 / £1.75 / £1.95 Cranberry, Raspberry & Elderflower

The zesty taste of this infusion is ideal when your senses need a lift. The carefully balanced sharpness of cranberry, with the sweetness of the raspberry, compliment the added fragrance of elderflower beautifully.


£1.55 / £1.75 / £1.95 Orange, Mango & Cinnamon

The sweet, exotic taste of mango and the citrus zest of orange balance the wonderfully rich and spiced taste of cinnamon in this infusion. The soothing warmth is naturally caffeine free and has no added sugar. Try adding some honey for extra sweetness.


£1.55 / £1.75 / £1.95 Blackcurrent, Ginseng & Vanilla

This rich combination of sweet blackcurrant, ginseng root and vanilla has a delicious taste and an exquisite rose blush colour and is naturally caffeine free so can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Chai Latte


£2.95 Spiced Chai

This caffeine free drink is a luxurious blend of sweetened tea, milk and exotic spices like cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper. This is mixed with freshly steamed hot milk to create a warm, sweet and spicy beverage.


£2.95 Vanilla Chai Latte

A smooth fragrant blend of sweet tea is mixed with a creamy vanilla flavour and freshly steamed milk.


£2.95 Peppermint Chai Latte

Cool mint is mixed with the sweetened blend of tea and steamed milk.


£2.95 Chocolate Chai Latte

The rich chocolate cocoa is mixed with a velvety blend of sweetened teas to create this delicate drink. It is made with hot milk and is 99% caffeine free.

Premium Hot Chocolate


£2.25 / £2.60 / £2.90 Classic Hot Chocolate

This is our signature hot chocolate which is made using our own crafted chocolate blend, rich and thick.


£2.65 / £2.95 / £3.10 Nutella Hot Chocolate

Made using the original Nutella hazelnut chocolate and mixing it with freshly steamed milk. This is topped off with whipped cream and dressed with chocolate dust.


£2.65 / £2.95 / £3.10 Milkybar Hot Chocolate

This white hot chocolate is a delicious drink made with fresh whipped cream with a hint of vanilla and finished with a handful of Nestles Milkybar buttons.


£2.65 / £2.95 / £3.10 Bounty Hot Chocolate

This is a dark chocolate drink made with a soft balance of coconut. The drink is beautifully crafted and topped off with real bounty shavings and chocolate sauce.


£2.65 / £2.95 / £3.10 Rolo Hot Chocolate

A classic amongst the range sees the caramel and chocolate mixed together with hot steamed milk and finished with cream, Rolos and chocolate drizzle.


£2.65 / £2.95 / £3.10 Crunchie Hot Chocolate

Cadbury's Crunchy is a must have and is made using honeycomb flavouring and chocolate sauce. Carefully finished with fresh whipped cream and honeycomb shaving makes this popular beverage.


£2.65 / £2.95 / £3.10 After Eight Hot Chocolate

Made with a mint syrup and with a chocolate base, this is finished with a helping of whipped cream and an after eight mint.


£2.65 / £2.95 / £3.10 Terry’s Chocolate Orange

A classic which everyone loves, is pure heaven. The balance of the mixed chocolate and orange means this real treat will make your day. Finished with whipped cream and chocolate orange segments.


£2.65 / £2.95 / £3.10 Toffee Crisp Hot Chocolate

The honeycomb beauty is a must have. The rich and creamy chocolate with honeycomb flavouring is dressed with a light vanilla cream and pieces of honeycomb.

Bottled Drinks

£1.35 – 500ml Harrogate Still Water

£1.35 – 500ml Harrogate Sparkling Water

£1.50 – 500ml Coca Cola

£1.50 – 500ml Diet Coca Cola

£1.50 - 275ml Appletizer

£1.65 – 330ml Orangina

£1.75 - 500ml Lucozade

£1.95 – 500ml Ribena

£1.99 – 330ml Tropicana Smooth

£1.99 – 330ml Tropicana Original

£2.00 – 375ml Feelgood Apple & Blueberry

£2.00 – 375ml Feelgood Cranberry & Lime

£2.00 – 375ml Feelgood Cloudy Lemon

£2.00 – 375ml Feelgood Orange & Mango


£2.95 – 330ml Corona

£2.95 – 330ml Peroni

£3.50 – 500ml Kopparberg Strawberry and Lime

£3.50 – 500ml Kopparberg Mixed Fruit

750ml Bottle £12.50 / 175ml glass £2.95 Pacifico Sur Sauvignon Blanc

750ml Bottle £12.50 / 175ml Glass £2.95 Pacifico Sur Chardonnay

750ml Bottle £12.50 / 175ml Glass £2.95 Pacifico Sur Rose

750ml Bottle £12.50 / 175ml Glass £2.95 Pacifico Sur Cabernet Sauvignon

750ml Bottle £12.50 / 175ml Glass £2.95 Pacifico Sur Merlot

750ml Bottle £12.50 / 175ml Glass £2.95 Castillo del Moro Tempranilli Syrah

750ml Bottle £12.50 / 175ml Glass £2.95 Castillo del Moro Rose

750ml Bottle £12.50 / 175ml Glass £2.95 Castillo del Moro Airen Sauvignon Blanc