At the heart of any business are the frontline personnel, this is what we call our baristas and delistas. They are hard working individuals who like to please. They get personal satisfaction from ensuring you have a nice day.

Without the baristas, no one would get their daily coffee fix and we would not be able to make you happy. These are the folk who always have a smile on their face and will remember your favourite drink. They all run to the same standard so that you have a consistent experience but are always happy to make your experience unique.

Baristas don’t just press buttons. They are coffee¬†connoisseurs who are passionate about coffee and they go about checking their equipment daily.

Our baristas follow six steps to create the perfect espresso from checking the beans are being ground to the right density, to checking the correct dosage is being dispensed its then about exerting the right amount of pressure when tamping before extracting for just the right amount of time.